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Ceiling Pro Cleaners has a very specialized process to clean, restore, and sanitize your business or residential ceiling surfaces.

Perhaps you have already heard that Ceiling Pro offers ceiling surface restoration, cleaning and sanitizing. What you should also know is that Ceiling Pro works around your schedule, on a variety of materials and a variety of texture, using an especially unique method for acoustical and textured ceilings. Wouldn't you like to be provided with a safe and cost-effective process that will save you big maintenance dollars? Call for a free demonstration and estimate.

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The Ceiling Pro Advantage

Ceiling tile restored to like-new condition; savings of 30-70%; unsafe, ineffective painting eliminated; end costly and messy replacement programs; no dirty, dusty business interruptions; sound absorbing qualities and fire retardant values maintained; lighting improved up to 20%; safety tested chemicals; meets OSHA requirements.

Ceiling Pro has developed a system to restore acoustical ceiling tiles to a like-new condition, quickly, safely and cost effectively. Nicotine, smoke, cooking grease, soot and dirt are removed from the surface through a chemical action that breaks the bond between dirt and the ceiling. The soil is reduced to milli-micron (not visible to the human eye), falls to the floor and is picked up in normal vacuuming.

Our comprehensive system utilizes state of the art equipment, specially formulated solutions and trained technicians. The Ceiling Pro ceiling will not damage your carpets, draperies or walls.

Ceiling Pro works around YOUR schedule! And that generally means all your work is done in the middle of the night when YOUR business is impacted the LEAST!

How It Works

To avoid disruption to your business, as your team leaves, we arrive. Your entire room is immediately “taped and draped” by our trained professionals so that only your ceiling, and not your furniture, walls or carpeting, gets coated.

Once the coating process is completed the room is meticulously cleaned. By morning, the only evidence that we were there will be a bright new ceiling!

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